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Where did you get the idea to start repairing hockey sticks?

As you probably already know, we are (inline) hockey players ourselves. We have broken a few dozen composite hockey sticks in our careers and we have always struggled to afford a new stick every couple of weeks. With our friends having the knowledge of composite materials we thought we could try to repair a stick instead. Weeks and months of trying brought about the first satisfying results so we kept learning until we finally perfected the repair technology to the point of being confident enough to offer it to the wider hockey community.

How much does the repair affect the performance of the stick?

From all the tests and feedback we have collected during the years from the amateur as well as professional hockey players the performance of a repaired stick changes so minimally compared to a brand new stick that it virtually cannot be detected. We like to say the only difference is 20-24 grams of added weight.

What about the flex?

As already explained above, the flex of a repaired stick remains virtually unchanged compared to a brand new stick or at least not sufficiently to be perceived.

Is a refurbished stick as durable as a new stick?

Durability of a hockey stick depends both on the production quality of a stick as well as on the external circumstances of usage, such as aggressiveness of the game, physical properties of the playinground and the players' style/knowledge. We are doing absolutely everything we can to make sure our repaired stick last as long if not longer as the brand new sticks. We accomplish that both with the repair proceduire as well as with thorough inspection of the integritiy of the sticks that leave our shop. But even thorough inspection sometines cannot detect hidden structural/production defects, so to safeguard our customers from such occurances, we offer a 31-days warranty for our refurbished sticks on top of the life-time warranty for the repair itself.

Do the refurbished sticks differ visually from new sticks?

The repair process itself requires the removal of part of the damaged stick. This means a refurbished stick will almost invariably exhibit a break/distortion of the original paintwork of the stick. We do our best to make this distortion as discreet as possible. Sometimes we even combine parts of differents sticks of the same model (icluding the same flex) so that the refurbished stick ultimately looks exactly like a brand new one.

As a consequense of the sticks being used in play, they can also exhibit some visual imperfecions such as schratches or parts of paint being removed. It usually depends on how long the stick has been used before it was broken. We are doing our best to bring the stick as close to it's original visual condition by perfectiong the visual imperfection including repainting the missing paint.

Some of our refurbished sticks are extended using a wooden extension at the top end, which generaly measures from 1 to 10 cm. The extensions are usually painted black to match the color of the stick.

How long are your sticks?

The height of our refurbished sticks can vary. The exact height of each stick is stated on the product page. Since most pro players cut their sticks to their own preferences, we sometimes use wooden extensions to extend them or we try combine different parts of the same brand of stick to make them 170 cm high in order to accomodate the majority of our customers' needs.

Is it possible to order a stick longer than 170 cm?

Yes, of course. We can extend a stick to any length either by using a longer wooden extension or by combining longer parts of the same type of a stick. To order a longer stick just contact us through our chat channel or leave us the exact instructions in the order comments.

Is it possible to filter the products in your shop by individual properties (flex, curve pattern)?

Yes of course.

What does /LTP/ - »Less than perfect« mean?

»Less than perfect« sticks are refurbished sticks that have minor (usually visual) imperfections, but are otherwise fully functional. In the past we would not have offered such sticks in our online shop, but since these sticks can still be used by everyday hockey players, we decided to sell them at a substantially discounted price.

Usual reasons that make a stick "Less then perfect":

  • Sounding shaft - When flexing the shaft it makes "creaking" sounds. This is only an inconvenience, but does not signal a structural defect which would cause the stick to break prematurely.
  • Sounding blade - When bending the blade it makes "clicking" sounds. This is only an inconvenience, but does not signal a structural defect which would cause the bladeto break prematurely.
  • Slightly damaged toe - The toe of the blade was slightly chipped but structurally strong and functionally unharmed. We usually cover these imperfections with paint.
  • Small cracks (blade) - The blade shows small cracks which are aesthetic in nature and do not signal a structural defect which would cause the blade to break prematurely.

LTP - "Less then perfect sticks" are covered by the same Warranty policy as our regular "Perfect" refurbished sticks.

Do you ship internationaly?

We ship to all the countries of the European Union (using the economic GLS ground shiping service) as well as international shipping. At the moment we offer shipment to USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. If you are interested in shipping the products to any other destination. please send us an email with details and we will organize the shipment to you.

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