Our Story

Remember the times when a (professional) hockey stick only cost 30 €?

We sure do.

Our all-time favorite was the Jofa-Titan 4020. We used to call it »the Deadly Stick of the Heavens«. This stick was nothing short of Perfect – it felt light, had a durable ABS-core blade and it was even good looking (or should we say sexy?). The Jofa-Titan 4020 wasn't an amateur hockey stick. It was being used at the time by many professional (even NHL) hockey players.

Fast forward to 2020. Welcome to the world of 369,99 € hockey sticks.

We have spent most of our hockey careers looking for a modern-day alternative to Jofa-Titan 4020. Unfortunately we never found it. But we are no quitters so we looked for an alternative to an alternative and became interested in Stick Repair. We thought: »If we cannot find or create an affordable professional hockey stick, why don't we try to repair one of the thousands that get broken by professional players every single season?   

This is how Hockey Repair Shop was born.

Years of improving the stick repair technology has finally enabled us to enjoy the best professional hockey sticks and to offer them to other amateur and semi-professional hockey players at an affordable price below 100,00 €.

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