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We are a group of passionate hockey players and hockey enthusiasts. As hockey players we have broken or damaged a great number of hockey sticks so in order to save some money we decided to try to repair them ourselves.

Months have passed from first attempts to the first satisfying results, but the growing number of successful repairs and satisfied friends and colleagues encouraged us to expand our knowledge and practical skills to the level where we can offer a top quality and affordable repair solution to the hockey community. With our efforts we want to help hockey players and their parents save a substantial amount of hardly earned money while still playing with the best hockey sticks available on the market.  

The response to our work has been incredibly POSITIVE in terms of balance, weight, flex, kick-point and durability of the repaired sticks. We promise to continue to use only the best materials and to keep improving our repair methods to provide you with the best possible experience of playing with a defurbished hockey stick. We invite you to visit us regularly and to send us your feedback about playing with our sticks!

Bully – Der Eishockeyblog's Interview with Miha Simčič, founder of Hockey Repair Shop

By Frank Göbel, August 10th, 2019

You as a Hockeyplayer know the story too good. You buy an expensive Stick and 2 weeks with it, the Stick broke on a regular Slapshot. The Shop don't take it back. What to do?! „Hockey Repair Shop" is here to help. A slovenian Start-Up repairs broken Sticks and sell it for a good Price. You also can send your broken Stick to let it fix. I met Miha Simcic, one of the Founder to talk about „Hockey Repair Shop".

Bully: Hey Miha, thank you very much for having us! We will start fast forward. Tell us what „Hockey Repair Shop" do.

Miha: Hello Frank! Alright, let's start. Hockey Repair Shop repairs composite hockey sticks in a way that makes the stick perform and look as close to a new stick as possible. In fact, almost 100% of players who try our repaired sticks confirm they can't tell a difference to a new one. So once we've succeeded in creating a superior stick repair technology we thought "hey why don't we try to get all those broken sticks that professional players break every season, repair them and offer them to amateur and semi-pro players at an affordable price?" So we did it and this has grown into our core business. Currently we collaborate with almost 100 professional teams including big names like Frolunda Indians, Berlin Eisbären and Lugano. Our goal is to grow the initiative, which we named "Unbroken", to encompass every single professional team on the planet. So we have a lot of work to do!

Bully: Slovenia is a hockey-country! I guess alot slovenian Players come to you to fix their sticks. But do you have international customers!?

Miha: People might think Slovenia is a (big) hockey country because of the exceptional players that we have exported like Anže Kopitar to name the most prominent one. We have also been a big force in international ice hockey tournaments lately. But the reality of Slovenian hockey is way different than it looks from the outside. We have 7 ice hockey rinks in the whole country! And I am dead serious, 7! That is probably less than any large Scandinavian city alone. So every Slovenian hockey player has either played or is playing in one of those rinks. That means not many people can actually play hockey in Slovenia. Altogether we have less than 1000 registered hockey players. Compare that to Germany (20.646) or Czech Republic (113.425) and you get the idea. So the very limited reality of Slovenian hockey has motivated us to look outside and offer our services abroad. We built an online shop, translated it in 9 languages and started shipping our refurbished sticks around the whole Europe (and the whole world). Our goal eventually is to become the world's No.1 Online shop offering professional hockey sticks to amateurs and semi-pro players.

Bully: Speaking of native Slovenien. Did Anze Kopitar showed up to check out your beautiful work?!

Miha: (Unfortunately) this is another aspect of Slovenian (hockey) reality. We don't have a culture of mutual support so throughout our business career we have received way more support and recognition from abroad than we have at home. To answer your question directly: No, Anže Kopitar never showed up to check out our work and never reached out to us in any way.

Bully: You not only repair sticks. You also use them to be creative. We saw a chair made out of Hockeysticks. Honest, our office went crazy for this! Does these Ideas come from you?

Miha: Once we started to receive numerous broken sticks and realized not all of them can be successfully repaired we needed a way to be creative and to use the individual parts that started to pile up in our Workshop. So we have looked for interesting things that could be created out of hockey sticks. After all hockey sticks are an amazing designer product so anything you create out of them becomes a designer piece automatically. So far we have created picture frames, bottle openers and deck-chairs but sure enough in the future we will create other beautiful things. The ideas really come from our lifestyle. We find ways to create things we find useful so automatically you know other people will love using them as well.

Bully: So you wanna help Amateurs and Semi-Pros to save money and repair an expensive Stick. When did this whole idea started? Was there a paticular moment where you thought „Damnit, first thing tomorrow i start-up this company!"

Miha: That's right. We want to help amateur and semi-pro players play with the best hockey sticks and not have to spend a fortune for them. The idea, like all great ideas, was born out of our own personal need. When composite hockey sticks came out to replace the wooden sticks, their prices started to rise and so we started to feel really bad each time we broke a hockey stick. And because the best sticks were so expensive we ended up always buying a mid-range stick which was still overly expensive but felt like crap at the same time. The whole situation started to frustrate us so we first started to look for ways to repair minor damages like cracked blades and then eventually decided to try to repair a completely broken stick. As you can imagine we didn't start the company immediately. At the beginning we all had our own regular jobs so we repaired sticks in the afternoon, then we started to divide our time to both jobs and then finally we completely left our previous jobs and devoted ourselves to Hockey Repair Shop completely. It was quite a process and a real challenge but it was well worth it.

Once we decided to focus 100% on Hockey Repair shop we started to learn everything we possibly could about sticks, their composition and business in general. We became devoted students. That has enabled us to constantly improve our technologies and our services. Our customers have responded accordingly – they love our work and that gives us fuel to grow and to expand our own goals. We started with the desire to repair one hockey stick. Our future goal is to repair every single stick on this planet.

Bully: We in Germany love beer. I guess same to you. Wich one you take? Lasko or Union!?

Miha: It's funny as teenagers we use to drink quite a lot (obviously mostly at evenings during parties and specially weekends). So our drinking "culture" was quite strong. And certainly back than there was a huge rivalry between Laško and Union fans! I can remember I was on the green team, so Laško supporter. Nowadays I rarely drink alcohol and interestingly enough, both Laško and Union were bought by the Heineken group so both beers are made in the same company and consequently the rivalry kind of wore out because of it. But if I had to choose nowadays, I'd go for Union.

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