Hockey Stick Repair

ReFlex Shaft Repair

After years of testing we finally developed a revolutionary shaft repair system, which we naimed ReFlex. As opposed to other repair systems available on the market, we don’t create a solid plug inside the shaft but a hollow structure, enabling us to reach as little as 20 - 25 grams of extra weight to the original stick while keeping its balance and flex virtually unaffected. More about ReFlex >>

Price: 39,97 € (shaft repair) - 59,97 € (blade replacement) + return shipping.


How to get your stick repaired?

You can send us your broken stick for repair to the following stationary address:

Kolodvorska 21
6230 Postojna

Please include the following information with your shipment: Full Name, Address, E-mail address and Telephone number.

Once the stick is repaired we will send you a payment request and ship the stick as soon as the payment has been received.


Blade Repair

Currently unavailable. We are searching for better materials and repair techniques that would guarantee the same (or better) performance and durability of the original blade.


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