Thousands of ice and inline hockey players from all across the world have tried and appreciate using our refurbished hockey sticks. The feedback we receive from our satisfied customers every single day fuels our determination to keep working hard in bringing you the greatest value possible.

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Stephan Davis
Metropolitano HC Forward playing in TOP Spanish inline hockey league

"Played with the refurbished stick for the first time last night. 8 goals in the game, everyone either passed or scored with one of your guys’ sticks :)"

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The service of Miha and his team is truly phenomenal. All questions are answered quickly, competently and especially very friendly. Thank you very much for your help and patience.

– Maks barracks, Germany

I first met the guys at the Masters Inline Hokey World Cup in 2016. They were enthusiastic and talkative and happy to explain their technology to me. They gave me a stick to try and i was hooked! I have since purchased 6 or 7 sticks from them. You might say that is not a lot, but i live halfway across the world from them and see them once a year at this tournament.

Back home i still use those sticks and have not lost one. They are as strong if not stronger whilst still maintaining the same feel and flex of the original sticks.

Miha and Blas are a blessing to the non professional hockey players on this planet making pro stick affordable to the masses. Get behind them and you wont be disappointed.

– Duane Voss, Australia

They have been great played in a tournament in France with them and won and one in Spain last year. Been a great buy. I’ve recommended you to loads of players.

– Nick Avery, United Kingdom

Thanks for a great product.

The stick has been performing perfect and is holding up very well. Can’t feel any difference between this stick and a new one.

The only small thing that i could say as a negative would be that some of the material that is being used to refurbish the stick had come loose inside of the stick. And it makes a rattleing sound, but that is not something that you can hear while playing.

The season is almost over for us in sweden but i am thinking about ordering another one of your sticks for the upcoming season!

Thanks again for a great product!
Kind regards

– Daniel Wik, Sweden

There is noting to complain about the stick, you guys make an excellent jobb. I will definitely order sticks from Hockey repair shop next time i need sticks.

The only advice is to keep the price between 70-75€, otherwise people buys on sale top end sticks for 30-40€ more and have a brand new stick. But that is my opinion. Keep on the god work.

Kind regards,

- Mikael Lindfors, Aaland Islands

I am playing as amateur for fun every week. The stick (CCM Ultra Tacks) i bought is perfect for me. I am fully satisfied. Now i have 2 sticks (first is new CCM Revolution bought in official shop here in denmark, the second one is Your Tacks) and if anything bad happens with one I will definetely come back to You to buy a new one. I am very satisfied.

- Adrian Malolepszy, Denmark

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