Unbroken Initiative

Professional hockey clubs spend considerable financial resources for the purchase of hockey sticks that get broken throughout the season and finally end up in landfills.

The development of superior repair technology opened up the possibility of their repair, offering young, amateur and semi-professional hockey players the possibility to play with professional hockey sticks at an affordable price.

The initial idea finally took off when the first professional teams from Slovenia and its neighboring countries joined in and decided to offer their broken sticks for sale.

Today almost 100 professional hockey teams from all over Europe are participating in the UNBROKEN initiative, which already helps thousands of young, amateur and semi-professional hockey players to enjoy playing with sticks once used by their idol professional colleagues


Purchase of broken sticks

Professional Teams

If you are a professional hockey club interested in earning aditional funds, please consider selling your broken hockey sticks to us. By doing this, you will contribute an important share to the UNBROKEN Initiative, which offers young, aspiring and amateur hockey players the opportunity to play with professional hockey sticks for an affordable price.

To obtain our latest pricelist for the purchase of broken hockey sticks please write to info@hockeyrepairshop.com or call +386 41 277 923.


Do you have a broken stick at home? We encourage you to consider having your stick repaired. This way you will save a considerable amount of money compared to buying a new one.

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